Parenting Time & Stay At Home Orders

With the unusually odd COVID-19 situation we are faced with today, people have been contacting me with questions. One of the questions that is consistently brought up is, should parenting time be modified under the stay-at-home order that went into effect on March 22, 2020. 

Answer: No, it should not be.

Coronavirus Causes Decree Clarification

Ohio Butler County Domestic Court Judge Barbara Schneider Carter sent the following to the Butler County Bar Association in response to parent and attorney questions regarding visitation and other items in Domestic Relation Decrees after the Ohio Governor's order to "expand" spring break for schools to decrease the spread of the coronavirus

Due to the expansion of spring break in most districts, our court has been besieged with calls from both parents and attorneys asking if the parent exercising spring break for 2020 may keep the children for this extended time until they return to school.