“Doesn’t Waste Our Time Or Money”

We’re glad we left the well-known national collection company we were with and moved over to Heyman Law. Their team gives us better service, and they collect more bad debt for us than we thought was possible. Heyman has a proven process that doesn’t waste our time or money by knowing when a case is worth legal action or not.

“They Collect More Bad Debt Than Anyone”

We were fortunate when we chose Heyman Law & HL Collect over other traditional collection companies and eviction attorneys. Now the Heyman team is the only call we make to help us in adverse renter situations, and when we call, they answer! The Heyman hybrid collection process delivers great results and they collect more bad debt than anyone has for us before.

“Heyman’s Process Drives Results Others Cannot”

Soon after we give them a collection case we see the Heyman team’s activity. It’s been this way since we began with them. In fact, when Sundance started with Heyman, our property owner’s decided to stay with a traditional collection company, and within 6 months, that owner asked Heyman Law to take over his portfolio too because they saw Heyman’s process drives results other cannot.

“My Only Referral To Other Property Management Companies”

We used to use a national collection company. When we came across Heyman Law & HL Collect, we didn’t know how prevailing the combination of the collections process with legal action would prove. Andrew’s proprietary hybrid collections process drives better financial results than the traditional collection process.